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11 x 17 Poster



The easiest way to share and download JFHP videos is directly from our channel on Vimeo

Jesus Changes Everything

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Are you planning to speak or create a table display on behalf of JFHP?
The JFHP Resource Kit is the perfect display-in-a-box!

Items in the Resource Kit:

  • 2 ft. x 6 ft. banner
  • 11 in. x 17 in. poster + stand
  • JFHP Ministry Overview books (20)
  • DVDs: JESUS film, Magdalena, The Story of JESUS for Children
  • Bible Story Cloths
  • EvangeBracelets (30)
  • Salvation color meaning cards
  • JFHP business cards
  • Harvest Partner Response Forms
  • Return envelopes for donations
  • Harvest Partner Interest Card

Quantities are limited. Please request a Resource Kit three to four weeks in advance of your event. If approved, return shipping and instructions will be included with the kit.


God is doing incredible things around the world through JESUS Film Harvest Partners.

Download a presentation below and share the opportunity to support the following projects
with your missions group, Sunday school class, church, or other community!

5 minutes

$30/month ($360/year)
3 minutes, 14 seconds
6 minutes

$30/month ($360/year)
5 minutes


8 to 10 minutes

8 to 10 minutes

4 minutes, 20 seconds
8 to 10 minutes


8 to 10 minutes